When you want to receive your first Bitcoins of course you need to install a wallet of some kind. A wallet is a computer program or smartphone application that can communicate with the bitcoin network and makes it very user friendly to send and receive bitcoin transactions.

A wallet also stores your private keys. Therefore you should not take it too easy to install some random wallet but rather take enough time to research different wallet providers if they can be trusted. Remember that any place, human, program, wallet or service that can read the private keys of your bitcoin wallet essentially has access to your bitcoin and can send them somewhere.

The bitcoin community constantly reviews wallets and checks the codes of wallets which are open source. This ensures that there isn’t any harmful code embedded and the wallet is safe to use. It should be a given for any wallet you use that it’s provider releases the code open source.

To help you make a good decision which wallet to use we have listed a few options below. We do not take any responsibility for the functionality of the suggested wallet but we are using those wallets ourselves and can speak from experience.

Blue Wallet
A simple to use wallet that also has lightning payment functionality. It is open-source and non-custodial.

Samourai Wallet
A wallet which is often recommended due to it’s additional privacy features.

Electrum Wallet (Desktop)
A desktop wallet with a long trust record

If you have problems or questions in regards to the installation and usage of wallets don’t hesitate to contact our support.

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