Moon Zebra, a startup established in Malta, will launch the first two-way cryptocurrency ATM  at the new head office of Zanzi Homes in Sliema on Tuesday, 10th July 2018. The startup business was founded by four young entrepreneurs who want to simplify and promote easy-use of cryptocurrency access for everyone.

Markus Behmann, one of the founders of Moon Zebra, explained that “When we got started with blockchain technologies, we learned quickly that many people find it too complicated to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Therefore, we explored easier solutions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, which would be more accessible to the average user. With our Moon Zebra ATMs, clients can buy or sell Bitcoin and other coins in a quick and simple manner.”

Following the dark shadows cast on cryptocurrency ATMs in 2017, the Moon Zebra team decided to reverse the reputation and launch a fully compliant, transparent and user-centric solution to grow the industry. With the new regulatory framework approved by the Maltese Parliament earlier this month and the news that some of the biggest companies such as Binance will possibly be relocating to Malta, the blockchain industry is becoming more mature and less compared to the wild west as done by some critics in the past.

“Cryptocurrencies present an alternative to central banking. The economy cycles have led to recessions over the years and may lead to a possible crash of the fiat-money system”, explains Leon Siegmund, co-founder of Moon Zebra. “In this case, exchanges and our ATM will allow direct access to cryptocurrencies”, the CFO of Moon Zebra, Giulio Puglisi, points out.

However, the startup is aware of its responsibility. “We don’t just address the high-end segment of the population. Our machine accepts purchases as low as fifty euros”, CTO Jonas Abrahamsson assures. His co-founder Leon Siegmund adds: “Bitcoin was designed to protect people from inflation and help the unbanked join the global economy as part of a virtuous act of a genius in order to make the world a more beautiful place.”

The event will be held at the Zanzi Homes branch in Tower Road Sliema and commences on July 10, 2018, at 16:00. The event is open to the public and invites business partners, press, government officials and everyone interested in new technology to attend. Snacks will be offered, and Bitcoin can be won during the launch as part of a crypto raffle.

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