How to get started with Bitcoin

You want to use Bitcoin but don’t know how? Before you start you should make sure you understand how bitcoin works. Never use Bitcoin if you don’t feel you really know what you are doing!

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Once you are ready to start using Bitcoin, the first thing you need is a Bitcoin wallet. Some people prefer to use a “custodial” wallet. That means, they don’t control their Bitcoins fully but instead let a third party safeguard the account. Such third parties could be bitcoin exchanges such as Kraken or Bitstamp or other hosted wallet services. The upside is that the account can always be restored if a password is lost. The downside is that users never fully control their Bitcoins and the third party can get hacked or lose user funds.


If you want to control your Bitcoin yourself, then you need to make a proper backup of your private key. Without a backup you are running the risk of loosing all your funds on the wallet.

Watch the video below to get started setting up a mobile wallet.

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