1. Are there any Limitations regarding Buying and Selling at the Moon Zebra ATM?

It all depends on the availabilities offered on the machine at that moment in time. If you wish to exchange a large amount of money, our company can provide a deal that is tailored for you. 

3. What are the Commission Rates?

Our company provides you with the lowest fees, in the atm network, around the Maltese island.
With a Buying Rate of: 7.7%
And a Selling Rate of: 6%
Note:  Fees change depending on demand and supply.

5. Why does Moon Zebra not offer money services or financial products?

We do not offer money services, as our Moon Zebra ATM is a cryptocurrency vending machine. Meaning, when you purchase cryptocurrencies, you deposit cash in the ATM. Depending on the amount you deposited in the ATM, you are given the respective amount in cryptocurrency on an online exchange, which is deposited in your cryptocurrency wallet. At no point in time do we transfer fiat currencies to other people. Therefore, we do not offer money services as the whole process works like vending machine.

7. What kind of wallets do you recommend?

For Bitcoin we suggest Samourai wallet.

2. What Cryptocurrencies can be Bought and Sold at the ATM?

We offer only Bitcoin, that can be bought or sold, at our ATMs.

4. How much can I Withdraw in a day?

The maximum withdrawable amount is €200. If you wish to exchange a larger amount of money our company can provide a deal that is tailored for you.

6. What is the relationship between GB and Moon Zebra?

GB is the ATM producer, however we have customized the ATM technology ourselves. We implemented a special software to the ATM, allowing us to offer different cryptocurrency exchanges.