1. What are the limits for buying and selling?

The availability at our Terminals depends on supply and demand. Therefore we can not always guarantee availability. Feel free too contact our support to check availability. We also follow compliance rules which sets certain limits.

If you wish to exchange amounts between 10-100 BTC please contact us directly so we can carry your trade with discretion.

3. What are the Commission Rates?

Moonzebra provides you with the lowest prices around the Maltese Island. To guarantee that we are using a dynamic price algorithm that adjusts to current supply and demand. Read more here.

5. Why does Moon Zebra not offer money services or financial products?

We do not offer money services, as our Terminals are classified as digital vending machines. At no point in time do we transfer fiat currencies to other people. Therefore, we do not offer money services and our operation is based on vending a digital item.

7. What kind of wallets do you recommend?

For Bitcoin we suggest Samourai wallet. If you are a beginner, we recommend Blockstream’s GreenWallet. For lighting fans we recommend Bluewallet. Read more about the best wallets in this post.

2. Which Cryptocurrencies are you offering?

We offer only Bitcoin.

4. How much can I buy or sell in a day?

It depends on current supply situation as well as compliance regulations. Please contact us if you wish further information.

6. How does it work?

We have written beautiful guides for you to learn how you can use our Terminals. Please click on the “Guide” menu item on top.

8. I didn't receive my coins

Moonzebra is not responsible for invalid or fraudulent addresses. We can always verify our outgoing transactions on the blockchain. If you need help please contact our support.