Business  Solutions

You own a business and want to differentiate yourself from the others? Moon Zebra’s business solutions will give you that. We’ll give your business point of sale (POS) payment systems or even your own fully-fledged crypto ATM.

Point of Sale System

Get your own turnkey point of sale system for your business. Buy and sell digital assets or get paid with cryptocurrencies.

Digital Asset Vending Machine

Get your own cryptocurrency ATM as a turnkey solution. Learn all about expected ROI, how it works, and how you can get one.

Blockchain Consulting

Benefit from our wealth of experience in the blockchain space, as well as our specialized professional backgrounds.

Buy a Cryptocurrency ATM

Do you want to set yourself apart from the competition? Do you want to earn passive income without being exposed to Bitcoin price volatility? Getting a Moon Zebra cryptocurrency ATM will do the job!

We will supply you with a turnkey cryptocurrency ATM and even service it for you. Our Moon Zebra ATMs charge a percentage on every transaction and are not directly correlated to cryptocurrency prices. Investing in a Moon Zebra ATM makes it possible to profit even from declining cryptocurrency prices. Additionally, our ATMs support multiple crypto and FIAT currencies.

Get a POS Payment System

Do you want to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your shop or restaurant without the user-unfriendly hassle of normal crypto transactions? Then we have great news for you:

Moon Zebra has teamed up with Pundi X and we give you your own Point of Sale payment system. With our device, you can accept cryptocurrencies and even allow customers to buy or sell cryptocurrencies while you can charge a percentage on every transaction.

Additionally, our POS systems support multiple cryptocurrencies, FIAT currencies, and even contactless card payments. Sounds great? Contact us then!

Blockchain Consulting

Do you want to explore if and how blockchain technology can optimize your business case? Are you new to the industry or need assistance with setting up your blockchain-related business in Malta?

We can provide blockchain-related consulting services in the areas of IT security, software development, digital marketing, and business setups. Let’s dive into the blockchain architecture and investigate its potential for your business.  Simply contact us and let’s explore your blockchain business case together.

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